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Weekly LIVE Shows

Standing weekly LIVE shows on Instagram!  Channeled messages, emotional support, laughs, and  honest, to-the-point mini readings!

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Spilling The Spiritual Tea With Amy

Stay Tuned On IG For

Random Lives Weekly With Amy 

Join Amy 

Evidential Angel-Guided Psychic Medium

as she shares channeled messages, mini LIVE reads, real talk about real life shiz. Plenty of laughs and always raw and uncut!

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IG: @TheHumbledSoulOfficial

Seasons Of Our Lives





Amy & Gina bring it Every week! Lots of sass and class all wrapped into one! Two besties from back east who met while working in their intuitive craft. Today, Gina and Amy not only run their own individual, full-time intuitive practices, but also come together each week via IG, to share love, laughs & channeled, messages with their  AMAZING followers.  You get REAL Soul Talk from A-Z with these two funny, to-the-point intuitive. Come join in and perhaps be selected for a live mini read!

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  • Instagram
IG:  @TheHumbledSoulOfficial
IG:  @EnchantedMoonTarot
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