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The Humbled Soul

Affordable Online Classes & Workshops To Learn About

& Grow Your UNIQUE Abilities


Tight on funds but would love to book a class or other services?
Ask about the AFFIRM payment plan option via PayPal

Spiritual Entrepreneurship 101 Workshop

THREE 90 Min Classes
Via Zoom 

* Learn How To Be Seen On Social Media

* Identify Your Specific Brand

* Identify What Your Brand Offers

* Connecting To Your "Call To Action"

* Learn Some Powerful Spiritual Protection Practices When Working In Social Media


* Connecting To Your Confidence With Your Gifts & Your Brand While Working With Clients & Collaborators

* Learn How To Create Waivers & Boundaries For The Success Of Your Brand

* Create A Menu Of Your Offerings & Learn How To Market Them With Ease

*Grow Your Following Techniques

* Reel Creating Tips & Secrets

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Connecting To The Afterlife For Beginners & Intermediate

Four 120 Min  Classes
Via Zoom 

* Learn To Connect To Spirit & Your Empathic Gifts

* Identify Your Specific Gifts Through Activation

* Identify What Kind Of Empath You Are

* Learn Some Powerful Spiritual Protection Practices

* Connecting To Your Confidence With Your Gifts

* Leave Being Able To Psychically Read Another

*Leave Being Able To Connect To Passed Loved Ones

* Shaman White Dove Will Perform A Shamanic Chakra      Clearing & Activation Vision Quest For The Group

* Must be present at all classes for certificate *

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Vision Quest & Sound Healing Ceremony

Join me for this intimate 90 min event as we enter into a 


  Reiki clearing and releasing of old stagnant energy while reinforcing self love and protection. 


              Then we begin breath work into a meditative state with the drum and rattle as we open the portal to vision the third eye and manifesting. 


Closing out with Group Message & Reflection


A zoom link will be emailed to you 30 Min prior to event.


$44 pp or $33 pp for @thehumbledsoulofficial IG Subscribers

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Astro Projection

ASTRAL PROJECTION: an experience in which a person's consciousness is believed to leave their physical body for a period of time and travel in the astral plane and earthbound swell as other realms.  ASTRO PROJECTION:
VERY MUCH THE SAME AS ASTRAL: It is believed by some, to be where a person's soul/consioussness goes from the earth & stars to the HEAVENLY REALMS

Limited Sacred Spots

Learn to understand how AP Travel interacts with your earthbound present, past & future life.

Learn how to experience a semiconscious AP Travel.

Two 2 hour classes.

Level I
Becoming A Shaman

4 Two Hour Classes Via Zoom

*Surrender To The Process--Learn To feelThe fear and Then To release It


*Each Student Will Learn To Call In Their Protection Circle


*Learn About Plant Vibrational Healing Within Shamanic Practices


*Learn To Connect To Your Chant On 4 Activation Vision Quests


*Learn To Call In & Get To Know Our Spirit Team & Animals

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