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The Humbled Soul

Affordable Online Classes & Events To Learn About

& Grow Your Abilities


Third Eye Activation & Protection For Beginners

Four 90-120 Min  Classes Via Zoom (Recorded)

* Learn To Connect To Spirit & Your Empathic Gifts

*Identify Your Your Specific Gifts Through Activation

*Identify What Kind Of Empath You Are

*Learn Some Powerful Spiritual Protection Practices

*Connecting To Your Confidence With Gifts

*Leave Being able To Psychically Read Another

Starts 5/25/23 (Thursdays)

Level II
Becoming A Shaman

4 Two Hour Classes Via Zoom

* Receive A Shamanic Tool Kit That You Will Be Working With In Class That Includes, Crystals, Rattle, Personalized Message and Non-Hallucination Medicines

*Surrender To The Process--Learn To feelThe fear and Then To release It


*Each Student Will Learn To Call In Their Protection Circle


*Learn About Plant Vibrational Healing Within Shamanic Practices


*Learn To Connect To Your Chant On 4 Activation Vision Quests


*Learn To Call In & Get To Know Our Spirit Team & Animals

Sacred Investment

Psychic Detectives

4 Two Hour Classes Via Zoom

* Work With Experienced Missing Persons Psychic Medium, Amy

On A Real Missing Persons/Murder Case

*Learn To Utilize Your Psychic Abilities To Locate Clues

To Help Solve The Case


*Learn To Decipher The Visions & Feelings Coming Through


*Learn To Become More Confident In Your Clairs


*Learn To Psychically Profile People Involved In The case


Sacred Investment

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