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“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.”

– Ralph H. Blum


Celine N.

"I'm pretty skeptical by nature. I love all things "woo woo", but when it came to connection with passed loved ones, I had my doubts.

I was floored by the details and proofs Amy delivered just from old pictures. No other information.

Within a minute I knew exactly who she was describing, mentioning conversations, nicknames, tattoos, pets...nothing that was public information, things that were said long before social media, or even the internet.

Just book a session, take a deep breath and go in with an open mind. You won't regret might even change your life."

Flora E.

"I realize, this is not everyone's cup o'tea...but it is mine. I would appreciate no negative comments. In my heart, my mom had been gone for 7 years and my dad for 17 years. I felt compelled to seek someone out to calm myself if they are okay on the other side. I was drawn to Amy Blackhurst “White Dove”.  Now let's be REAL here. My parents have been dead for awhile, therefore they can't speak --and here I am looking to talk to imaginary people.  Am I crazy?  I was skeptical--- I even questioned her , "What was my childhood nickname?" My dad called me KID-- and my mom called me something in her dialect---- Which one do you think she told me?  It WASN'T kid!!!  SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!! She is a psychic medium/empath and let me tell you SHE IS INCREDIBLE at sharing her gift! She was dead on in her reading. She is fun, caring, compassionate and wise. If ANYONE is interested in being introduced to Amy, I HIGHLY recommend her. She is trustworthy and absolutely accurate. I Highly recommend her. 

Teresa L.

“In addition to a FB Angel Guided live reading a couple nights ago, I had the great pleasure of talking with my soul sister at length about some of my loved ones. At the end of the session, after tears and laughs, I felt instant relief after hanging up with her. Relief I didn’t really know that I needed to feel. Such validation and love was felt. She’s the real deal, is super easy to talk to and with. She has my love & support! ❤️“ 

Crystal W.

"Amy, you are absolutely amazing !! Thank you! If you are looking to talk with a loved one that has passed; Amy is the one to turn too!! She is compassionate at what she does. Fun too!!! Thank you Amy for everything!!  To my passed, dear friend, the 'necklace is on'!! Amy, you amazed me about the necklace!!"

Martha M.

“Soooooooo... Happy 83rd Birthday Papi, I love you and thank you for coming through my AMAZING reading with Amy Blackhurst. People, I am a medium and read for people and I must say it was refreshing to have a genuine reading. Amy connected right away and my father came through as well as my grandmother and great mother. So many messages were shared and confirmations were given. I am humbled. Reach out to Amy to receive YOUR messages!” 

Clariza L.

“Hi Amy. I was just thinking of you and want to thank you for your support and your messages.  So far everything has resinated with what you and the angels shared with me in our session. When I first met you and my dad came in during the session and asked you to send me gifts and to help me, I believe I recall saying he needed you to help prepare me for some big life changes and that is just what you and the angels have done. It all makes sense now because you not only have given me the guidance and support I need, but you have also assisted so beautifully with some of my other family members that I have recommended you to. I truly appreciate everything!!” 

Liz S.

“I have been working with Amy for about two years. Amy has helped me see and understand myself as an Empath. Understanding that I am an Empath helped me see why I feel as I do. Amy’s approach is straight forward with a whole lot of love in her heart. She is very generous with her time and attention. I have participated in Amy’s classes and they are a hoot! She exudes excitement and just plain old fashion fun. Amy’s channeled messages and sound coaching has helped me past a painful period. She is a trusted confidant and coach. The one thing I admire most about Amy is her open heart and generosity to share. Amy brought me light. I look forward to our continued relationship and her channeled messages from Spirit. I am forever grateful!!” 

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